A R T I S T    S T A T E M E N T



I craft sensoriums; stages that extend their arms and hug the audience in such a way that the dance contains them.

I create magnified, immersive environments that feed off sensory stimulation and its awakening of the familiar: parlors flooded by 450,000 white roses, cement pillars suspending bodies with industrial cellophane, foyers carpeted in inexhaustible bubble wrap, the spoon-feeding of German chocolate cake to a string of strangers, and mostly recently, a vacant pool with over 10,000 pounds of dry soil and the ravaging of a ripe nectarine. These productions primarily occupy public spaces, intending to engage the local public, demystify contemporary dance/performance, and inspire new audiences. I choose 'stages' that have political, psychological, historical, and social significance and orientation in the surrounding community. At a time when voyeuristic spectatorship and virtual consumption are at the forefront of our social behavior, I want to remind us of the invaluable vulnerability of real time and real space.