American Dance Festival (NC), July 2011


Choreography & Direction:

Danielle Russo



Janice Lancaster Larsen

Lauren Muraski

Danielle Russo

ChristinaNoel Reaves


Set Design:

Danielle Russo



Dana Ruttenberg



Wong Chun Bong

Corey Melton


That one should open like an eyelid and lying there beneath it simply eyelids

My interest lies in the temporality of the rose, and thus the temporality of the social construction of Woman and the implications of what has become established by cultural norms as feminine beauty and utility. A rose blooms but for a few days. What happens after a rose begins to wane? Such is a study of duration, and consequently a statement of social stereotypes and dissensions of worth. Metaphorical moments of curiosity include the feeding, hording, sweeping, shedding and burying of bodies beneath the petals. The desire to control, to relinquish, and to occupy ties the women together.