P R O S C E N I U M    P R O J E C T S



Ensemble of two women and five men, 20 minutes

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Upstage wall plus the two side walls (wings pulled) available to the dancers



Learning to forget and other tragic fortunes

Ensemble of four women and two men, 45 minutes

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Microphone with extension cable and stand


a world where alarm clocks ring in the morning 

Solo for a woman or man with TROIKATRONIX Isadora®, 20 minutes           

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Video projector, large projection screen and/or surface to be available upstage


La chanson d'Ève, Op. 95 No. 1: Paradis

Solo for a woman, 15 minutes           

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Offstage anchor for pressurized rope


Since thou wast precious in my sight   an evening

Ensemble for two women and two men, 60 minutes

*Duet variation for two men is also applicable to the stage