DRPP - Salome w:Jason Collins & Ingrid Kapteyn - Photo by Luke Ohlson.jpg

FRI SEPT 29   3 - 6PM

Arts on Site

12 St. Marks Place NYC 10003


Photograph by Luke Ohlson of dancers Jason Collins and Ingrid Kapteyn in Salome, and the anatomy of invisible corners (2016).



The Body Devoted: Performing Exhaustion & Its Reveal is a workshop intensive for the curious and critically conscious dancer/performer. 

We will confront, relate, and respond to the simply most difficult task of commitment. 

We will remind and reconsider our bodies’ slippery relationship to the architecture of time, space, and dually occupying bodies on the contemporary “stage.” 

We will exhume and examine both our practice and our history in performance regarding the inscribed, accumulating, lingering, and perishing movement, material, and memory that deeply inform our dances. 

We will examine ideas and practices of “stamina.” 

We will exhaust, wear, and transgress. 

We will see and be seen. 

We will see what is left.

And then, we will look back again.

A practice of sharing laboratory material will lend to exercises in critical, theoretical discussion and feedback, establishing a forum for addressing/articulating dance as both maker and witness. 



  • $25 AT DOOR

To pre-register or for further inquiry, please e-mail danielle@drpp.nyc.